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At Tile Mart, we offer complete solutions for home improvement based on the desires of our customers. Since our inception, we’ve helped thousands of customers in western canada find the perfect cabinets and storage solutions for their home.

How have we done this?

By delivering custom kitchen cabinets, entryway cabinets, vanities, walk-in closets and other custom storage solutions for our clients in various styles, colors and finishes as per their specifications, style choices and budget.

Types of Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Tile Mart we strive to create amazing, custom kitchen cabinets in colors, styles and finishes of your choice – cabinets that you’d love to see in your kitchen and work with everyday. Whether the style of your space is modern, industrial, coastal, victorian or anything in between, our in-house experts will be able to create something amazing for you. The result – a kitchen that stands out and speaks for itself.



Tile Mart brings you spectacular, custom designed closets that boast of functionality and style. Our in-house experts carefully understand your use case and style expectations to design and deliver stunning walk-in closets that are guaranteed to wow you! With a combination of drawers, small organizers, jewelry pull outs, shoes shelves and more, getting ready will truly be a phenomenal experience.

Bathroom Vanity & Cabinets

Adding a personal and luxurious touch to your bathrooms has never been easier thanks to our custom bathroom cabinet solutions. Whether you’re looking to remodel for a change in style or for functionality, our in-house experts are guaranteed to wow you with a suitable custom solution for your bathroom. With several choices of materials, styles and finishes to choose from, getting custom bathroom cabinets for your home is easier than ever.

Media, Bar & Entryway Cabinets

Our in-house experts at Tile Mart specialize in designing and crafting affordable, custom media cabinets, bar cabinets and entryway cabinets that perfectly fit your space in terms of style, finish and dimensions. Chat with our in-house experts today to explore our vast variety of styles and finishes that will surely add a touch of luxury to your space without compromising on functionality.


Our Process

At Tile Mart, We believe that success is a result of catering to the needs of our clients and hence, all our processes are customer centric. Here’s how we help you find the perfect cabinets for your home.

Initial Consultation

Thinking of a remodel or just want new custom cabinetry for your space? Come visit us in one of four showrooms in Western Canada so our in-house experts can understand your needs, budget and other specifications.

Design & Review

Our experts will gather all the information and start to work on suitable design that will suit your use case and specified budgets. We usually lay out a few options for you to choose from in terms of color, style and specifics like handles, drawers and accents. If you don’t like them, we get back to work and come up with new ideas. Once you finally like something, tweak it with your suggestions and approve the design, we move to the next steps.

Production Begins

Once a design has been approved and payments have been made, our production experts get to work. Lead time for production depends on the size of your project and we always let you know the time it takes before finalizing the design.

Delivery & Installation

Upon completion of the production and quality check, delivery and installation options are provided to you. Once you’ve opted for the appropriate installation and delivery choice, your new cabinets are ready to be part of your home!

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